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23/01/2020 - Microbial Community Analysis of Digested Liquids Exhibiting Different Methane Production Potential in Methane Fermentation of Swine Feces
23/01/2020 - Low?Density Polyethylene/Poly(Lactic Acid) Blends Reinforced by Waste Wood Flour
23/01/2020 - Bovine serum albumin gel/polyelectrolyte complex of hyaluronic acid and chitosan based microcarriers for Sorafenib targeted delivery
23/01/2020 - Effect of prednisolone on glyoxalase 1 in an inbred mouse model of aristolochic acid nephropathy using a proteomics method with fluorogenic derivatization-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
23/01/2020 - Ultrasound assisted microencapsulation of zinc triflate in polyethersulfone as an efficient regioselective catalyst for Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction
23/01/2020 - Nonsintered lightweight aggregates produced from waste sludge and its characteristics affected by additives
23/01/2020 - Soft mixed ionic?electronic conductive electrodes for noninvasive stimulation
23/01/2020 - ROS-augmented and tumor-microenvironment responsive biodegradable nanoplatform for enhancing chemo-sonodynamic therapy
23/01/2020 - Synthesis, design and piezo-resistive characteristics of cementitious smart nanocomposites with different types of functionalized MWCNTs under long cyclic loading
23/01/2020 - Elaboration and characterization of biopolymer films with alginate and babassu coconut mesocarp
23/01/2020 - Photocrosslinked Alginate-Methacrylate Hydrogels with Modulable Mechanical Properties: Effect of the Molecular Conformation and Electron Density of the Methacrylate Reactive Group
23/01/2020 - Design and assessment of TRAP-CSP fusion antigens as effective malaria vaccines
23/01/2020 - Improved performance of less purified cellulosic films obtained from agar waste biomass
23/01/2020 - Nonisothermal crystallization behavior of polylactide/polyethylene glycol/graphene oxide nanosheets composite films
23/01/2020 - Photocatalytic Degradation of Congo Red Dye from Aqueous Environment Using Cobalt Ferrite Nanostructures: Development, Characterization, and Photocatalytic Performance
23/01/2020 - Experimental Investigation and Optimal 3D Bioprinting Parameters of SA-Gel Porous Cartilage Scaffold
23/01/2020 - 3D Printing of Polycaprolactone?Polyaniline Electroactive Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
23/01/2020 - Thermal Deformation of PA66/Carbon Powder Composite Made with Fused Deposition Modeling
23/01/2020 - Design and characterisation of multi-functional strontium-gelatin nanocomposite bioinks with improved print fidelity and osteogenic capacity
23/01/2020 - In defense of tree planting and other feedback loop interventions for the environment
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This project has received funding from the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 745828