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12/11/2019 - Flat Die Extruded Biocompatible Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA)/Poly(Butylene Succinate) (PBS) Based Films
12/11/2019 - Thermo/pH Responsive Star and Linear Copolymers Containing a Cholic Acid-Derived Monomer, N-Isopropylacrylamide and Acrylic Acid: Synthesis and Solution Properties
12/11/2019 - Nucleating agents based on graphene and graphene oxide for crystallization of the ?-form of isotactic polypropylene
12/11/2019 - In-Vitro Hemocompatibility of Polyaniline Functionalized by Bioactive Molecules
12/11/2019 - Synthesis of Phenolic Compounds via Palladium Catalyzed C?H Functionalization of Arenes
12/11/2019 - Functionalized ZrP nanosheet with free?radical quenching capability and its synergism in intumescent flame?retardant polypropylene
12/11/2019 - Fixed bed biosorption of silver and investigation of functional groups on acidified biosorbent from algae biomass
12/11/2019 - Ultrasonic Pretreatment in Synthesis of Caprylic-Rich Structured Lipids by Lipase-Catalyzed Acidolysis of Corn Oil in Organic System and Its Physicochemical Properties
12/11/2019 - Flexible Conductive Polymer Film Grafted with Azo-Moieties and Patterned by Light Illumination with Anisotropic Conductivity
12/11/2019 - Selective, sensitive, and fast determination of S-layer proteins by a molecularly imprinted photonic polymer coated film and a fiber-optic spectrometer
12/11/2019 - Atomic Layer Deposition on Dispersed Materials in Liquid Phase by Stoichiometrically Limited Injections
12/11/2019 - Long non-coding RNAs and latent HIV ? A?search for novel targets for latency reversal
12/11/2019 - Commencing an Acidic Battery Based on a Copper Anode with Ultrafast Proton?Regulated Kinetics and Superior Dendrite?Free Property
12/11/2019 - Transgenerational deep sequencing revealed hypermethylation of hippocampal mGluR1 gene with altered mRNA expression of mGluR5 and mGluR3 associated with behavioral changes in Sprague Dawley rats with history of prolonged febrile seizure
12/11/2019 - Acute low- compared to high-load resistance training to failure results in greater energy expenditure during exercise?in healthy young men
12/11/2019 - Biodegradable Polylactide/TiO2 Composite Fiber Scaffolds with Superhydrophobic and Superadhesive Porous Surfaces for Water Immobilization, Antibacterial Performance, and Deodorization
12/11/2019 - Manufacturing of polymer/metal composites by fused deposition modeling process with polyethylene
12/11/2019 - Bisphosphoric modified amino functional [xFe3O4?2xAl(OH)3]/waterborne polyurethane nanocomposite with superparamagnetism and flame retardancy
12/11/2019 - Compressive behavior of rigid polyurethane foams nanostructured with bacterial nanocellulose at low and intermediate strain rates
12/11/2019 - Improvement of the Rubbing Fastness of Cotton Fiber in Indigo/Silicon Non-Aqueous Dyeing Systems
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