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08/04/2020 - Recycling of PLA?based bioplastics: The role of chain?extenders in twin?screw extrusion compounding and cast extrusion of sheets
08/04/2020 - New Biodegradable Poly(l-lactide)-Block-Poly(propylene adipate) Copolymer Microparticles for Long-Acting Injectables of Naltrexone Drug
08/04/2020 - Biorefining Oat Husks into High-Quality Lignin and Enzymatically Digestible Cellulose with Acid-Catalyzed Ethanol Organosolv Pretreatment
08/04/2020 - Ultrasound assisted rapid synthesis of mefenamic acid based indole derivatives under ligand free Cu-catalysis: Their pharmacological evaluation
08/04/2020 - Valorization of pineapple peel waste and sisal fiber: Study of cellulose nanocrystals on polypropylene nanocomposites
08/04/2020 - Facile fabrication of N-TiO2/Ag3PO4@GO nanocomposite toward photodegradation of organic dye under visible light
08/04/2020 - Deciphering the mechanism of carbon sources inhibiting recolorization in the removal of refractory dye: Based on an untargeted LC?MS metabolomics approach
08/04/2020 - Adhesion between Epoxy Resin-Based Fiber Post and Dental Core Resin Improved by Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
08/04/2020 - Modified fish diet shifted serum metabolome and alleviated chronic anemia in bottlenose dolphins (<i>Tursiops truncatus</i>): Potential role of odd-chain saturated fatty acids
08/04/2020 - In Vivo Stability of Polyurethane-Based Electrospun Vascular Grafts in Terms of Chemistry and Mechanics
08/04/2020 - Improving the In Vitro Bioaccessibility of ?-Carotene Using Pectin Added Nanoemulsions
08/04/2020 - Carcass traits and meat quality of lambs fed with cactus <i>(Opuntia f?cus-indica Mill)</i> silage and subjected to an intermittent water supply
08/04/2020 - Rheological Study of Gelation and Crosslinking in Chemical Modified Polyamide 12 Using a Multiwave Technique
08/04/2020 - Tracking lubricants during single screw extrusion of uPVC
08/04/2020 - Thermomechanical characterization of reinforced and dismountable thermoplastic adhesive joints activated by microwave and induction processes
08/04/2020 - Forces, structures, and ion mobility in nanometer-to-subnanometer extreme spatial confinements: Electrochemisty and ionic liquids
08/04/2020 - Synthesis of phosphorus-containing polyol and its effects on impact resistance and flame retardancy of structural epoxy adhesives
08/04/2020 - Surface Modification of Bacterial Cellulose by Copper and Zinc Oxide Sputter Coating for UV-Resistance/Antistatic/Antibacterial Characteristics
08/04/2020 - Peripheral oxytocin is inversely correlated with cognitive, but not emotional empathy in schizophrenia
08/04/2020 - Design and Performance of Novel Self-Cleaning g-C3N4/PMMA/PUR Membranes
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