Inhibition of nucleic acid polymerases by endonuclease V-cleavable circular oligonucleotide ligands

Provided are methods and compositions for activating oligonucleotide aptamer-deactivated DNA polymerases, comprising cleaving the aptamer by endonuclease V enzymatic activity to reduce or eliminate binding of the oligonucleotide aptamer to the DNA polymerase, thereby activating DNA synthesis activity of the DNA polymerase in a reaction mixture. Mixtures for use in methods of the invention are also provided. The oligonucleotide aptamers of the present invention are circular and comprise one or more deoxyinosine nucleotides providing for aptamer-specific recognition and cleavage of the circular aptamer by the endonuclease V enzymatic activity. Exemplary oligonucleotide aptamers, mixtures and methods employing endonuclease V enzymatic activity are provided. The methods can be practiced using kits comprising a DNA polymerase-binding oligonucleotide aptamer and at least one endonuclease V enzymatic activity having oligonucleotide aptamer-specific recognition to provide for specific cleavage of the aptamer by the endonuclease V enzymatic activity.

» Number: US10689629B1 (B1)

» Publication Date: 23/06/2020

» Applicant: CEPHEID?[US]


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