OQ Presented Range of Haze-reducing Resins and BOPP Films at Plastex 2020

OQ has announced that they showcased their expansive range polymer solutions during Plastex 2020 in Cairo, Egypt.

OQ's Resin Grade for Haze Reduction
OQ's Luban HP1151K reduces haze in the thermoforming process and increases clarity and gloss. These are ideal properties to stand out in the hyper-competitive food packaging market — especially for products such as polypropylene (PP) containers, cups and trays.

Luban grades also provide superior strength and stability to fibers. These OQ grades are driving innovation in sectors such as carpeting, apparel, geo and agro textiles, as well as medical and hygiene applications.

Enabling our partners to enhance the optical and mechanical performance of their end products, while minimizing their environmental impact, is at the heart of our objectives at OQ. The development of our Luban HP1151K resin grade is one of the solutions that help us reach this goal,” says Talal Al Awfi, chief commercial officer, OQ.

Wide Range of BOPP Films at Display
In addition, OQ showcased its wide range of BOPP films, typically used for food packaging and confectionery goods and a variety of other films like Luban DFDA-7047 and Luban DFDC-7080 water bottle wrapper (blow film) at Plastex. These innovative films offer many advantages such as being free from stearates. Other applications include lamination film, agricultural film, stretch wrap film, FFS packaging films and more.

Possible Applications of the Featured Grades
OQ's PP, PE and Oxo products are enabling the growth and efficiency of partners in a myriad of industries such as packaging, industrial applications, construction, compounding, agriculture, and healthcare.

» Publication Date: 14/01/2020

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