Teijin opens new compounding plant in Thailand?

Teijin Ltd has started operations at its compounding plant and a related R&D facility in Ayutthaya, Thailand to address the rising demand for new compounds in the ASEAN region, driven by economic development and growth in population.

Marking Teijin’s third resin-related R&D hub in Asia, the new technical centre will collaborate with R&D units in Japan and China to develop compounds particularly for the automotive and E&E sectors.

In a 10 Sept statement, Teijin said it was positioning the new technical center as a development hub for the ASEAN region in order to to strengthen product development capabilities and increase focus on the fast-growing Chinese and ASEAN markets.

Teijin is currently producing compounds at its facilities in Japan and China and through subcontractor factories across the ASEAN region. 

The new 10-kilotonnes-per-annum plant in Thailand will improve the company's production capacity to meet that growing demand more quickly. 

The €11.3m facility, according to Noboru Yamanishi, general manager of Teijin’s resin & plastic processing business unit, will offer materials which will help reduce weight and enhance functionality of next-generation cars and communication device. 

“We aim to contribute to the further development of the region by collaborating proactively with ASEAN customers and partner companies in order to provide innovative products that meet diverse needs,” he added.

» Publication Date: 10/09/2019

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