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24/09/2018 - Rehau adquiere MB Barter & Trading AG
24/09/2018 - Biesse estrena showroom en Barcelona
24/09/2018 - A Expansão de US$ 380 Milhões da Afton Chemical na Fase II de sua Fábrica na Ilha de Jurong está Concluída
24/09/2018 - Acrylic, Silicone, Polyurethane and Hybrid Conformal Coatings - Global Market Overview & Outlook (2018-2025) -
24/09/2018 - Covestro uses 3 different 3D printing processes to produce shock absorbers
24/09/2018 - Arkema and Barrday join forces to manufacture composite solutions for the oil and gas market
24/09/2018 - Arkema-Barrday JV to supply composites to oil & gas industry
24/09/2018 - Arkema, Barrday form composites JV for oil and gas market
24/09/2018 - DSM Launches Carbon Fiber-filled Polyamide Filament for 3D Printing
24/09/2018 - Digital rail maintenance center deploys 3D printing for replacement parts, production tools on-demand
21/09/2018 - Silvergate, Floreon collaborate on new, versatile biocompound 
21/09/2018 - Taking tiny steps toward big sustainability goals
21/09/2018 - 2018 Innovations in Hydrogen Production, Effluent Treatment, Photodegradation, Anti-counterfeiting, Adhesives, Nanofluid Coolants, Self-assembled Nanomaterials, and Nano Restoration of Canvas -
21/09/2018 - California’s going nuts over plastic recycling
21/09/2018 - Plastics News Now: Kid gets tour of college after writing about dream of working in plastics
21/09/2018 - Innovations in Self-healing, Anti-fouling, Crop-clocking, Oleophobic, and Color Coatings, 2018 Report -
21/09/2018 - MedAutonomic Has Successful Implant of Phoenix
21/09/2018 - Why TCT Show is the place to be for the medical device community
21/09/2018 - Celdas fotovoltaicas impresas para transformar la fabricación de dispositivos electrónicos
21/09/2018 - Scholle IPN opens more options for low-acid foods with its closure
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