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20/07/2018 - Encapsulation of hydrophobic vitamins by polylactide stereocomplexation and their release study
20/07/2018 - The impact of morphology on thermal properties and aerobic biodegradation of physically compatibilized poly (lactic acid)/co?plasticized thermoplastic starch blends
20/07/2018 - Energy Flexibility through the Integrated Energy Supply System in Buildings: A Case Study in Sweden
20/07/2018 - Performance and emissions of a diesel engine using sunflower biodiesel with a renewable antioxidant additive from bio-oil
20/07/2018 - Effect of bio-lubricant on wear characteristics of cylinder liner-piston ring and cam-tappet combination in simulated environment
20/07/2018 - The impact of downstream processing methods on the yield and physiochemical properties of hydrothermal liquefaction bio-oil
20/07/2018 - The Preparation of Functionalized Cellulose Nanoparticles and Their Effect on the Crystallization Behaviors of Poly(L?lactide) Based Nanocomposites
20/07/2018 - First pilot scale study of basic vs acidic catalysts in biomass pyrolysis: Deoxygenation mechanisms and catalyst deactivation
20/07/2018 - Magnetic Field-inducible Drug-eluting Nanoparticles for Image-Guided Thermo-Chemotherapy, Magnetic field-inducible drug-eluting nanoparticles for image-guided thermo-chemotherapy
20/07/2018 - Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of bio-based furfural by palladium supported on nitrogen-doped porous carbon
20/07/2018 - Hydrodeoxygenation of phenol on bifunctional Ni-based catalysts: Effects of Mo promotion and support
20/07/2018 - TSA-MS characterization and kinetic study of the pyrolysis process of various types of biomass based on the Gaussian multi-peak fitting and peak-to-peak approaches
20/07/2018 - Esterification for biofuel synthesis over an eco-friendly and efficient kaolinite-supported SO42?/ZnAl2O4 macroporous solid acid catalyst
20/07/2018 - Biodiesel from batch and continuous oleic acid esterification using zeolite catalysts
20/07/2018 - Influence of biodiesel decomposition chemistry on elastomer compatibility
20/07/2018 - Impact of acidity in ZrO2-TiO2-Al2O3 composite oxides on the catalytic activity and coking behaviors during n-decane cracking
20/07/2018 - Hydrofluoric acid concentrations: Effect on the cyclic load-to-failure of machined lithium disilicate restorations
20/07/2018 - Novel aqueous-phase hydrogenation reaction of the key biorefinery platform chemical levulinic acid into ?-valerolactone employing highly active, selective and stable water-soluble ruthenium catalysts modified with nitrogen-containing ligands
20/07/2018 - Acetalization of glycerol with acetone over Co[II](Co[III]xAl2?x)O4 derived from layered double hydroxide
20/07/2018 - Facile preparation with high yield of a 3D porous graphitic carbon nitride for dramatically enhanced photocatalytic H2 evolution under visible light
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