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12/07/2018 - D8195 Standard Classification System and Basis for Specification for Polyethylene Terephthalate Film and Sheeting is a new standard now available. D8195-18
12/07/2018 - Plastics - Determination of the molecular mass and molecular mass distribution of polymer species by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) (ISO 10927:2018)
12/07/2018 - ISO 17422:2018 - Plastics -- Environmental aspects -- General guidelines for their inclusion in standards
28/06/2018 - D5740 Standard Guide for Writing Material Standards in the Classification Format has been revised to
28/06/2018 - F2785 Standard Specification for Polyamide 12 Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings has been revised to F2785-18
28/06/2018 - ISO 1856:2018 - Flexible cellular polymeric materials -- Determination of compression set
28/06/2018 - ISO 2781:2018 - Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of density
21/06/2018 - C1183/C1183M Standard Test Method for Extrusion Rate of Elastomeric Sealants has been reapproved, available as C1183/C1183M-13(2018)
21/06/2018 - D5721 Standard Practice for Air-Oven Aging of Polyolefin Geomembranes has been reapproved, available as D5721-08(2018)
21/06/2018 - D1601 Standard Test Method for Dilute Solution Viscosity of Ethylene Polymers has been revised to D1601-18
21/06/2018 - D5628 Standard Test Method for Impact Resistance of Flat, Rigid Plastic Specimens by Means of a Falling Dart (Tup or Falling Mass) has been revised to D5628-18
21/06/2018 - Thermoplastics piping systems for underground non-pressure applications - Test method for leaktightness of elastomeric sealing ring type joints (ISO 13259:2018)
21/06/2018 - D4603 Standard Test Method for Determining Inherent Viscosity of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) (PET) by Glass Capillary Viscometer has been revised to D4603-18
21/06/2018 - ISO 3949:2018 - Plastics hoses and hose assemblies -- Textile-reinforced types for hydraulic applications -- Specification
21/06/2018 - Plastics piping systems for the trenchless replacement of underground pipeline networks - Part 1: Replacement on the line by pipe bursting and pipe extraction (ISO 21225-1:2018)
21/06/2018 - Plastics piping systems for the trenchless replacement of underground pipeline networks - Part 2: Replacement off the line by horizontal directional drilling and impact moling (ISO 21225-2:2018)
11/06/2018 - ISO 28641:2018 - Rubber compounding ingredients -- Organic chemicals -- General test methods
11/06/2018 - ISO 3858:2018 - Rubber compounding ingredients -- Carbon black -- Determination of light transmittance of toluene extract
11/06/2018 - ISO 20557-1:2018 - Plastics -- Poly(phenylene ether) (PPE) moulding and extrusion materials -- Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
11/06/2018 - F2881/F2881M Standard Specification for 12 to 60 in. [300 to 1500 mm] Polypropylene (PP) Dual Wall Pipe and Fittings for Non-Pressure Storm Sewer Applications has been revised (with designation change) to F2881/F2881M-18
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